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Notre Dame Ethics Week — "Artificial Intelligence: Its Ethical Possibilities and Problems"

Tuesday, February 13, 2024 12:05–1:00 PM
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    The 2024 series features Mendoza faculty members renowned for their research and expertise in the use and development of AI. The schedule is as follows:

    February 12 (Monday): Ahmed Abbasi, the Joe and Jane Giovanini Professor of IT, Analytics, and Operations; Academic Director of the Ph.D. Program in Analytics and co-director of the Human-centered Analytics Lab, “Artificial Intelligence’s Major Challenge: Striking a Balance Between Innovation and Precaution.”
    February 13 (Tuesday): Kirsten Martin, the William P. and Hazel B. White Center Professor of Technology Ethics, “Who is Responsible for Algorithmic Recommendations Online? (And Other Pesky AI Questions).”
    February 15 (Thursday): Greg Robson, visiting assistant research professor of Business Ethics and Society, “Planning Future Economies: Can Artificial Intelligence Be Trusted?”
    February 16 (Friday): Nick Berente, professor of IT, Analytics, and Operations, “Artificial Intelligence’s Use, Impact and Necessary Guardrails.”

    Now in its 26th year, Notre Dame Ethics Week takes place annually in February and brings in experts from a diverse array of industries to explore current ethics issues. The series was established to encourage the discussion of ethical matters in undergraduate and graduate business classes at Notre Dame.
    Visit the Notre Dame Ethics Week website for more information.
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