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Fighting to Uncover the Evidence

Fri Sep 13, 2019
At the St. Joseph County Cyber Crimes Unit, eight Notre Dame undergraduates raised their right hands to be sworn in as law enforcement officers. They’re the only students in the country with that designation, and with it comes a host of responsibilities.The students are key in researching online activity, creating suspect profiles, executing warrants, and gleaning digital forensics from all confiscated media. They’ve seen cases ranging from drug trafficking to homicides, and have helped local law enforcement lock up perpetrators and set innocent suspects free. While beat cops and detectives are experts on the streets, the students are experts in social media and the Internet. They’ve taken a months-long backlog and reduced it to a matter of hours.While the students have been immensely helpful to the police force in South Bend, they are getting beneficial experience as well. The skills they’re honing are attractive to law enforcement, the FBI, technology firms, and consulting groups, and the internship is helping them stand out to potential employers.Learn more: