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Utilities East Plant

The East Plant is a key component of the University's goal to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions.

The East Plant houses the mechanical equipment for the geothermal well fields located beneath the Ricci Fields; two 2,000-ton electric-driven chillers; and a thermal energy storage tank with the capacity to store 2 million gallons of chilled water.
Cost Savings
The geothermal system will provide long-term cost savings and is a renewable energy source, which will allow the University to reduce greenhouse gas production and increase energy security. By taking advantage of the fairly constant temperature below the earth’s surface, the network of closed loop water pipes brings heat from the warmer-than-ambient-temperature ground during the winter, and deposits excess surface heat in the cooler-than-ambient-temperature ground during the summer.
Long Range Planning
At approximately 30,000 square feet, the East Plant facility is part of campus utilities’ long-range plan to become more sustainable.