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Power Plant

The Notre Dame Power Plant currently produces electricity, steam for heating, and chilled water for cooling. The power plant generates about 50% of the University’s electrical energy needs, with the other half coming through the purchase of power from Indiana Michigan Power.

Power Plant

Notre Dame's co-generation power plant

The power plant is a co-generation plant, which means that excess heat created by steam-heating campus is captured and used to produce electricity. This cogeneration is both a cost-effective and environmentally friendly process.

Goal: No Coal
Because of combined efforts laid out in the University’s Comprehensive Sustainability Strategy, Notre Dame has achieved a 50 percent reduction in carbon emissions per gross square foot based on 2005 levels, accomplishing the goal to cease the burning of coal well before 2030. The University accomplished these goals by reducing energy consumption, diversifying its energy sources and expanding and evolving its energy infrastructure to increase efficiency and capacity. The integration of multiple alternative energy sources such as hydropower, geothermal and solar will help to secure Notre Dame’s energy future in the long-term.