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Clarke Memorial Fountain and Fieldhouse Mall

<img src="" alt="Clarke Memorial Fountain"><p>Dedicated in 1986, the Fountain consists of four limestone arches formed by 10-foot-long slabs that are supported by twin columns five feet square and 20 feet high. The arches each contain a fountain and rise from an underlying black granite pool that has a granite sphere in its center. Quarried in southern Indiana, the elephantine columns weigh 20 tons apiece.This peace monument commemorates some 500 alumni who died in World War II, the Korean conflict and Vietnam. It bears the inscription Pro Patria et Pace, "For Country and Peace." The Fountain is the centerpiece of Fieldhouse Mall where the Old Fieldhouse once stood.</p><ul class="links"> <li><a href="">Webcam</a></li> </ul><!-- aka field house mall -->