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About ND Mobile

ND Mobile is provided by the Office of Information Technologies at the University of Notre Dame. ND Mobile was created to serve Notre Dame students, faculty, staff, alumni and campus visitors by providing essential services with an interface designed specifically for mobile devices. We will continue to refine and extend this mobile service and appreciate any ideas for improvement or new features. More information on the continued development of ND Mobile can be found on the mobileND website.

ND Mobile was built using the Kurogo 2.00 platform (currently on version 2.10), built and supported by Modo Labs.

In the Fall of 2017 we added the Faculty/Staff and Graduate Student Personas. We also added the ND Shuttle Module (by DoubleMap) which allows users to track the shuttles on campus. With the latest upgrade we will be introducing new functionality like opt-in channels for communications within the App and we're hoping to roll out a new Game Day module. Stay tuned!

ND Mobile was made possible through the efforts of many, many people. The service would not exist without their talent, dedication and sacrifice.

ND Mobile Project Team

  • Matt Willmore
  • Xiaojing Duan
  • Paul Turner
  • Bob Guthrie
  • Michelle Sorensen
  • Erik Runyon
  • Kyle Koser
  • Zach Waterson
  • Mackenzie Kraft
  • Jack Gardner
  • Eric Schubert
  • Milind Saraph

Modo Labs Project Team

  • Austin Emmons
  • Yuki Nagatoshi
  • Robert Mallon
  • Charlie Chisholm

Project Steering Committee

  • Ron Kraemer
  • Chas Jhin
  • Mark Welch
  • Mark Dehmlow
  • Nick Johnson
  • Rob Kelly
  • Katie Rose
  • Julia Sama
  • Patrick Miller
  • Tom Guinan

Special thanks to:

  • Kevin Abbott
  • Ed Bensman
  • Ryan Boudway
  • Jon Crutchfield
  • Joseph Franco
  • Rick Harris
  • Kim Hahn
  • Liz Harter
  • Scott Kirner
  • Jennifer Laiber
  • Troy Marshall
  • Jane Morrow
  • Sharif Nijim
  • Nick Johnson
  • Tim O'Connor
  • Derek Owens
  • Don Padgett
  • Gurvinder Rekhi
  • Brandon Rich
  • Peggy Rowland
  • Robin Schaaf
  • John Slaughter
  • Dawn Templeton
  • Lenette Votava
  • Michael Wiens
  • Jason Williams
  • Bob Winding